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Power Washing

Our Power Washing Process

Before beginning the power washing process, customers must ensure all windows and doors are closed. They are responsible for moving breakable items and any furniture obstructing the power washing area. Doors with old water seal strips cannot be power washed; instead, a light wash is provided. A walkthrough is conducted to check for loose or damaged items around the house, and any small furniture in the way is moved and returned to its place afterward.

Customer water is required for the job, and water hoses are connected around the house for convenience. Sensitive plants are gently rinsed with water. The house is thoroughly rinsed with water and soap to remove moss, dirt, and algae. Strong chemicals are used if necessary, primarily for driveways. Afterward, everything is rinsed for a fresh finish, and any furniture moved is returned to its original position.

driveways and walkways

Are you just looking for a power wash instead of paint? No problem, we can do that too! We power wash homes, sidewalks, driveways, fences, and decks. Sometimes your home just needs a quick professional power wash and your set! 

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